Assemble Your Team and Become Your Best U 2.0

3 Steps You Can Take To Become 
YOUR BEST U 2.0 (YBU 2.0)

“You can’t pour from an empty cup. Take care of yourself first.” It’s a message that regularly floats around social media and tends to resonate with us for about 10 seconds before the next image pops up on our timeline and we move on.  Unfortunately, that quick attention transition has become the standard in our society. With world news and social media at our fingertips 24/7, it has become increasingly difficult for us to focus on what is most important - our own physical, mental, and emotional health. 

While 2020 has brought numerous challenges to all of us, it has also brought us an opportunity to become more self aware. The key to developing into YOUR BEST U 2.0 is to take a personal inventory, decide what you really want to improve on, build a team around you, and then execute and follow through.

SydFIT is ready to join you on your journey. We have your team of fitness professionals waiting to serve all of your health and fitness needs.

STEP 1    
Take Your Personal Inventory

Taking a personal inventory means giving time to reflect inwardly and take note of what is important to you in all the realms of your life: fitness, faith, family, etc. By doing this, you will be unlocking who you truly are and what defines you as a person; this process will help you determine what you want to improve upon and be the foundation for your new lifestyle goals. 

There are many different methods available for taking a personal inventory - however the simplest way is to go to the place you feel the most free and write. Make a list of the things you love, the things you are skilled at, and the areas you want to improve upon. As you are doing this inventory, please remember that this is a process for YOU, so try to stay away from anything or anyone external as you are making your lists. 

The key to taking a personal inventory is to continually adjust and reanalyze yourself. Returning to the practice of making your personal inventory on a regular basis will help you turn this tool into a lifelong habit that will consistently provide you with the opportunity for personal growth.

STEP 2    
Narrowing Your Focus and Building Your Team

Now that you have committed to your initial personal inventory, the next step is to narrow your focus. Remind yourself of all the things you are skilled at and what you love, and then challenge yourself to choose one or two items from the list that you want to improve upon. 

Once you have chosen your focal point, the next step is to do some research and determine which resources are out there that will give you the best assistance. For example, let’s say your new goal is to be able to play with your young grandchildren without having any back pain; you need to build a team around you that can support this goal. The first members of your team may be a personal trainer or mobility coach who is specialized and has a skillset that will allow you to develop an improved range of motion without causing more damage or discomfort. The next member of your team may be an Osteopath that would be able to work with your body and complement the work you are doing with your personal trainer/mobility coach. 

With your team constructed, it’s important to regularly communicate with all members so the modifications to your program can be made as needed; this may involve adding additional team members such as a massage therapist or a physiotherapist, modifying training plans as your body and mind develop further, or working around various external obligations so that your schedule is optimal for meeting your goals. 

STEP 3    
The Final Phase: Execution and Follow Through

The final phase of reaching YOUR BEST U 2.0 is realizing that the journey never ends. It is a constant path that you will walk, but each new step will bring you closer to who you want to become and your journey will adjust itself as needed. 

During this phase, you have your team, you are working towards your goal, and things are moving in the direction you want. The key here is to regularly reflect and return to your personal inventory to ensure that the actions you are taking match your desires for self-growth. If they don’t, simply discuss it with your team and make the necessary adaptations. 

Remember, this is your journey and there are no mistakes or errors, just more opportunity to learn about yourself and grow. 

Assign A Point Person

We have seen the best results when each client or member has a point person that helps oversee the entire health and wellness program.  This point person has the overall view of all the moving pieces and can provide information to the team to keep everyone moving towards the same goals cohesively. 

Our team of dedicated health professionals at SydFIT is here to help you get started and work with you towards YOUR BEST U 2.0. 

Contact us today and mention this post to receive a complimentary LIVE online fitness consultation. 


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